What's The Pre-Work Program

mindful tools programs universal laws in action Jul 06, 2022

It's not about what you do or don't do to grow your business. 

And certainly not about the extensive number of hours you spend behind your laptop. 


It's about bridging the gap between who you are today and who you are when you run your dream business


The Origins of the Pre-Work Program

We are so excited to share a program with you that's been on our hearts for the last few weeks. 

Working with our amazing clients and empowering them to make the essential mindset and marketing shifts to change their results, we realized that the knowledge, experience, and wisdom behind the practice and application of the Universal Laws, principles, and strategies we teach in regard to business growth were not always easy to access. 

During many of our coaching sessions, training, and masterclasses, we noticed that fully surrendering to the teaching, mentoring, and high-level support we provide at the Academy requires a certain level of knowledge, understanding, self-confidence, and trust. We felt like, for many, it was a stretch, and that stretch would require way more than the top-notch marketing and mindset hacks, support, and accountability that many programs provide. 

We created the pre-work program as a stepping stone for you to access quantum accomplishment and success in the most effortless and fastest way possible. We imagined it as a pre-qualification to our Academy to ensure that we keep 100% of our clients to succeed on their own terms.


What is it exactly?

We trust that completely stepping and embodying your own vision and dreams - which means unlearning and relearning how to think, feel, and be is the KEY to unlocking your manifestation power. 

The pre-work program breeds physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation. We've made it our mission to teach you how to access the divine within you and become the person who has everything you want before it happens in the 3-D world.

More than balance, we aim for synergy here. 

This program is the culmination of EVERYTHING that has helped our clients and us to expand beyond their most joyful business' (and life's) expectations. 

There is nothing you can't do, and we are here to help you rewire your thoughts, and access a new set of feelings on auto-pilot so you can create the reality that supports you and only you. 


What's included? 

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