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The reason you don't get the results you aim for is NOT because of something you don't do.

Business strategy has nothing to do with your next giant leap. The first steps are NOT about transforming your business from unsuccessful to successful. NOPE! It's about bridging the gap between who you are today and who you need to be to become the vibrational match for what you want to attract, which ultimately includes your dream clients.

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Let's Get Straight to the Point.


Most of everything you’ve ever been taught about growing a successful business is WRONG!

It’s ineffective. It’s counterproductive. And quite simply, it’s just NOT working.


It's leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disappointed with very little to show for all the hours and hours you've spent building your business and showing daily for it.

How do we know this? 

First of all...we used to be that entrepreneur wearing all the hats, investing in the wrong resources, and trying and applying all strategies taught by marketing gurus without ensuring it was aligned with our core essences and purposes. And it was NOT. So often, we felt defeated because the results created were not even close to the joyful expectation we had for ourselves.

Google searches like "how to build a successful business" or "how to use social media to sign more clients" have dramatically increased in recent years. And though more people than EVER are operating their dream business and living their best life today, thanks to the readily available information out there, there are also more entrepreneurs out there who aren't. 

And the reason for this is that the easily searchable and readily available teachings out there don't consider the profound need for entrepreneurs and business owners to fully surrender to their full potential and step into their unique vision.

You see, most courses, books, and gurus out there will tell you to "create content everywhere, stay consistent, show up daily, do social media, post daily, have a group, have a business page, do stories, get involved in other people's groups, ask questions, blog, send emails, do it organically, pay for ads, etc." to be able to achieve your goals - like more money, more clients, more leads, more time with your family. 

And that's not the fault of those who teach the old paradigm of building a successful business. 

We used to be that person too!

Is your soul screaming for a more intuitive and effortless way to grow your business?

A new way that does not involve:

  1. Neglecting your most valuable relationships
  2. Neglecting your health and burning out
  3. Being everywhere all the freaking time ~ and not breathing anymore
  4. Doing everything yourself ~ and doing it wrong
  5. Being on social media all the time ~ and not connecting with your soul clients (hating it)
  6. Creating content that no one reads
  7. Feeling frustrated because no one sees you or hears your message
  8. Feeling defeated to live the same old "zero-new-client" months over and over

There is another way, but the new method involves surrendering to the endless field of possibilities without looking back.

We can show you how you can advance yourself and your business effortlessly, honoring your gifts and focusing on what feels good only. 

A few things need to SHIFT on your side before we can help you transition from where you are today to your next-level self ~ the one who (re)creates, (re)launches, sells, and serves their clients to a new level of service. 

  1.  How you think: you must think in a certain way to activate the change in your action and align with your vision. Here, we don't chase anything or make things happen. Instead, we allow what's meant for us to find us.
  2. How you feel: you must learn, practice, and apply the simple fact that it's not the number of actions you take that will transform your results but the way you feel and the intention behind each step that will get you to the next level. You must feel to become. Not the other way around.  
  3. How you are: you must be willing to be and embody your vision. Seeing and being your vision through the lens of your future self, and not based on your past experience. 

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The Peppy Pre-Work Program Key Topics

The Peppy Pre-Work Program is a 90-day program to prepare you for the biggest quantum leap of your life. During many of our coaching sessions, training, and masterclasses, we noticed that fully surrendering to the teaching, mentoring, and high-level support we provide at the Academy requires a certain level of knowledge, understanding, self-confidence, and trust.

The Universal principles & laws, and strategies we teach our clients to grow their businesses and master their marketing need to be acknowledged, understood, applied repetitively and embodied to work effortlessly and activate massive shifts on auto-pilot.


A New Way to Think

Discover the role of your thoughts in the creation process and how you can rewire them to create the business you desire. Uncover and play with your true self and what makes life vibrant for you. Learn how to set intentions that are aligned with your desires and how to activate quantum leaps from your thinking only. 

A New Way to Feel

Find stillness and choose your emotional channel and creative vibration. Learn how to master your energy based on your natural cycles. Understand the pathway from thinking to feeling and from unconsciously unskilled to consciously skilled. 

A New Way to Be

From consciously skilled to unconsciously skilled, there is one law: the law of repetition. In this new chapter of your being, you'll learn to become a master at your energy, enriching your attitude with the correct thinking and feeling habits; tap into your intuition without questioning it and trust and embody your fullest potential as you are you.   

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Joining the Pre-Work Workshop Includes

What to expect when you decide to apply for our beta round? Please remember that the fulfillment of your dream business is a co-creation contract that you make with Universal Laws (the Universe, the Source, God, whatever you call it). On one side of the agreement, there is YOU who is taking the efficient actions that will activate Life Force to deliver the results. In other words, your job is to surrender to the teaching and mentoring and NOT worried about the outcome. We are here to lead the way, empower you to make the shifts, source ideas, and adjust your thoughts (mind) and emotions (body) so that they align with your higher self (soul). 


**The Pre-Work Program is a requirement to join the Academy Intensive Program. 



  • Lifetime Access to the Online Course 
  • 10+ Explicit Video Trainings


  • 10+ Transformational Workbooks
  • Weekly Activities


  • Daily guidance and inspiration
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Session for 90 days
  • Weekly forms & feedback

Early Bird Bonuses*

The Pre-Work program starts on September 6, 2022. Get in before August 15, 2022, and get extra love from us:


  • Early Access to the Training (Aug. 15)
  • 30-Min Vision Call with Patrice & Charlotte (297 USD)
  • Early Facebook Group Access for Clients only (Priceless)
  • Access to the Intuitive Workshop (197 USD)
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Who Are Charlotte & Patrice
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Charlotte and Patrice don't fit in any boxes. However, we can tell that they are very complementary to each other. Charlotte is the quantum business growth demystifier who has a gift to explain complicated things (Universal laws, principles, and concepts) in a very simple way. Patrice is your accountability person and support system. She is the step-by-step goddess to your next quantum leaps. Charlotte creates the content and Patrice makes it even more practical for your to implement. 

"I love what I am learning from Charlotte and Patrice! They are one of the most thoughtful and giving people I have met and worked with. They are incredible at helping others find their magic and honor themselves in ways that are very unique. For all the help you give, thank you!" ~ Val Roskens

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