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Starting & growing a business that truly aligns with your soul is no easy feat. It’s a journey of hard work, creativity, and resilience to bring your vision to reality.


The courage and tenacity it takes to start something from the ground up is nothing short of admirable. Relying on yourself to make decisions, take risks, stay organized and adapt as needed requires a level of strength rarely seen.


When you do find that alignment between what you want, who you are and how it all fits into the world around you; it can lead to great success professionally, emotionally, and spiritually.


There's never been a better time to unlock your potential than now!

Hi, I'm Charlotte!


I'm an intuitive business strategist, mindset coach, and marketing demystifier on a mission to empower female coaches in the early stages of their business journey.

I believe that every woman has immense potential within her, and it's my mission to help unlock that potential.

I have over a decade of experience in business strategy, marketing, and consulting, and I'm passionate about helping other women find success in their businesses. 

I believe that entrepreneurship, especially coaching is one of the most empowering and rewarding thing a woman can do for herself, and I'm committed to helping as many women as possible achieve their dreams.

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Your soul is screaming for a simple, actionable, effective coaching program tailored to your business growth ambition.


And you've been led here.


If you are on this page, you're great at coaching people one-on-one, but you want to help more people and make a bigger impact. You've tried other programs, but they just don't seem to fit what you're looking for.

You are looking for a better and more fulfilling way to grow your business. You are starving for a solution allowing you to serve more people and ultimately make more money. You are not at 6-figure yet, but you want to get your business on track for it.

Deep down, you know you are ready to take your business to the next level. You have always known that you were meant for more. The good news is that there is nothing you can't accomplish. Your success is at your fingertips with the right mindset and structure.


Can you relate to this:


  • Your business may have become stagnant. You're uncertain about what "you're supposed" to be doing with your business. You don't even know if you're doing it "right." And that alone makes you feel discouraged.

  • If you're like all the other coaches out there, you've probably been watching the successful ones attract their dream clients, and scale their business with effortless ease. You’ve been stalking them on Instagram, on LinkedIn, or even Facebook, and questioning, what makes THEM so special? And why am I still here, not getting any traction in my business?

  • They say they grew and scaled their business in a certain way and if they could do so, so could you. But, for some reason, it's not happening for you.

  • Even though you are working really hard and doing the 198 things that all marketers say you should do, nothing is shifting in your reality.

  • And yet still, you have this inner feeling that even though things aren’t quite where you wish them to be right now, one day they will be.

  • Something is urging you to trust yourself. To have faith. To seek out your answers. To take action.

And now you've landed on this page.

You're looking for that missing key that you haven't found just yet.


You're wondering if there is a secret formula that all successful coaches know but ARE NOT sharing with others. You're starting to think that there must be something you don't know or, worse, that you just don't have in your DNA to grow your business the way you wished.

I know I certainly felt that way. For an F-ING long time!

So what changed me? How did I become a chill business owner who does not worry about their next clients, makes more than enough money to support her family, and keeps investing in the best resources ever to scale her business? What was the shift I made that took me from being uncertain and defeated to choosing my clients from an overload of opportunities every single month?


I clarified my messaging, tested my offer, unlocked my unique sales process, and made it easy and fun to understand and implement. I created one super easy system that works for me.

I stopped questioning my intuition and went all in to release my money blocks and other limitations that held me back from enjoying my process and progress.

Marketing yourself is actually super easy and fun when you lead with intentions. Lose the complexity and learn and implement your unique way to grow your business to the next scalable level inside the Academy.

Imagine a program that gives you the tools and training you need to coach as many people as you want without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. You'll learn how to create a business that can scale with ease, so you can reach more people and help them find their own path.


You'll get the simple blueprint and support you've been looking for when you join!


Everything you’ve ever

wondered is on the other side of

The Peppy Profit Academy


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Most of everything you've learned to grow your business is INCOMPLETE.


And because it's incomplete, it's ineffective, counterproductive, and just not working.

It's leaving you feeling defeated, disappointed, and overwhelmed with very little to no results for all the hours of work you have spent posting on social media, writing blog posts, sending emails, creating freebies, and the 198 other things everyone wants you to do.

How do I know this?

Because I was that person wasting my precious time doing it all for little to no traction, in recent years, Google searches like "how to start a coaching business" have increased like crazy.

More people than EVER are starting coaching businesses today thanks to the readily available information, yet 88% of businesses owned by women generate less than $100,000 a year in revenue.

With information so easily accessible online, it's easy to overlook the steps of creating a successful coaching business and don't ever consider the underlying beliefs that may be limiting us. But if we're looking for true success in any endeavor, this is an area worth exploring!

I used to believe that growing a successful business and preparing it to scale was a logical and strategic process ONLY. A process that could just be forced through action.

While taking action is mandatory, a huge part of success is fulfilled with what you truly want and what you think is possible for you.

Unlocking your 6-figure potential requires more than a plan. It requires an energetic shift as well.


It's more than just taking a course and following a random plan someone told you to follow, but it makes no sense. It's more than executing blindly without intentions and hoping this time it will work.

There are much more profound elements that just aren't commonly talked about or taught. Factors that will change your experience from a painful, stressful, and non-rewarding one to one that fills your heart with love, joy, and pride.

When things finally clicked for me, I went from questioning my ability to ever get one client (crying daily and really feeling like crap) to embodying my business owner role, hiring my first employee, and predicting my next month's revenue. I could finally bridge the gap between my dream and reality and enter the realm of scalable businesses.

Everything changes when you understand what truly works for you and what doesn't. 


That's precisely why I created the Peppy Profit Academy.


Imagine receiving all the support and guidance you need to take your coaching business to the next level. At the Academy, we'll provide you with everything from marketing materials to step-by-step training videos. We even help you release your mental roadblocks so you can feel confident about helping more people find their path.

I have a different approach to business growth and preparing your business to scale. One that's much more sustainable and attainable and respects each person's unique style of creation and communication.


I am sure it's no surprise to learn that each person has their own way of being, having, and doing things. And while we can have a common interest, we still want entirely different things, especially regarding our businesses. So why are we trying to fit everyone into the same box?

My approach considers that we are spiritually growing very tangible businesses. You are going to feel defeated and overwhelmed. You are not going to want to take action toward your goals. You are going to feel uncomfortable. You can't spend your precious time pushing away these feelings because they will make you grow stronger and better at doing what you do and prepare you for the upcoming leap.

While we follow a specific proven system: 1. get crystal clear on your messaging; 2. make sure your offer is aligned, needed, and wanted by your soul clients; 3. create a simple system to increase your momentum and have you make money right away, we also support your unique energetic signature by releasing your mental limitations as we encounter them. The intention is to clear the path to 6 figures with a scalable, tested coaching business you love and an unshakable boss mindset.  

Guess what? Even six and 7-figure business owners have limitations and feel defeated and overwhelmed from time to time.


The way I teach and coach includes the mindset work that will allow you to release your conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs to unlock your highest potential and experience the authentic results from your actions. Together, we unlock your business's 6-figure potential with tangible strategies that are energetically aligned with you and your audience and shift your 6-figure business owner's energetic signature (your mindset).




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"My first launch,

"Charlotte is extremely diligent; she is detailed and not scared to ask those hard questions that, as business owners, we don't ask."

Hallie Avolio - Manifestation and self-love coach

Here is the tried, tested, and proven blueprint to unlocking your 6-figure year:




Creating new results for your business is only one decision away, and it all starts with you. If we are a good fit, I am confident the MAGIC will operate. 


Below is what my BEST clients have in common:


  • They are spiritual leaders who desire to grow and make their business work FOR them.

  • They have a burning desire to unlock your 6-figure potential mentally and in their bank account.
  • They are willing to surrender to a new approach to teaching, coaching, support, and accountability.

  • They have a burning desire to learn new strategies to bring more quality, peace, and profit to their business and life.

  • They are ready to release the limitations that hold them back.

  • They are ready to get uncomfortable.

  • They are focused on nurturing their relationship with themselves and their clients.

  • They are ready to turn into new potential by challenging the norms.


If you have checked all qualifications, I can help you. Click the link below, and apply for a free strategy call:


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