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Charlotte Petit Noble

Hi, I'm Charlotte


Founder of The Peppy Profit Place, a home where:

Elevates (& expand)
Profit, and
You, people!

This is who I am

I'm an intuitive business strategist, mindset coach & online marketing demystifier on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs to find more joy, fun, and purpose in their coaching businesses, transforming one person's life at a time! I am here to hold your hand and show you a different way to run a successful coaching business without neglecting your mental & physical health, most special relationships, and your purpose. 

From humble beginnings as a French immigrant, my journey with online marketing and business growth consulting began in 2008 when I worked with the famous fashion magazine Marie-Claire as a digital manager. That's when I started to explore the wide world of social media. Since then, I consulted and never stopped discovering new facets of the online space.  

It took me more than ten years to understand that running a successful business requires more than just top online marketing strategies. When I was introduced to more intuitive teaching and energy work in 2017, my whole world and work shifted to a more aligned and intuitive way to lead my business and my life, as both are highly rooted together. 

Using the Universal Laws and integrating intuitive business coaching & energy work is very recent but has already shown exceptional results for myself and my clients. I can't keep all the learning for myself. It feels right and so aligned with who I am today. 

My Story Growing Up & Expanding

I was born and raised in Southern France, in a small town called Hyères-Les-Palmiers. I don't have crazy stories to tell you. I had a pretty awesome childhood. My parents were pretty impressive, and I never lacked anything in my entire life.

I trust that we create our own reality, and today, knowing what I know, I can tell that I've always been very good at getting what I want...

I've always given 100%+ of myself (in exchange) to manifest my goals. Goals that I thought were mine, but with time I realized that I've always aimed to fit in and please the people around me. 

I recently had a big awakening, and it felt like a big F-ING slap in my face. See, I always strived for perfection, not letting anything go or happen. I always took control of the uncontrollable. Making myself eat, sleep, love like I was supposed to. Not following my intuition ever, but instead, forcing my way through what people expected from me: the good grades, the thin body, the pleasing attitude, the corporate job, and so much more. And, you know what, I enjoyed every part of it until I realized that I was NOT living my dreams, but the fantasies that society implanted in my mind. 

Fast forward, I ended up with eating disorders, a lack of self-worth and confidence, and completely unable to know what I really wanted for myself. I felt lost and confused about my role here on this planet, and I reached a point where I could not move anymore and take care of myself. 

For the longest time ever, my father helped me financially. My husband then did the work. I reached a point where I felt like a dead weight for people that I love the most. IT HAS TO STOP! But it did not stop right away. Instead, I kept looking for answers and more knowledge. I was obsessed with finding my truth and did everything I could to do so. I forced myself into some molds that were not meant for me. But, I could not fit in any box, no matter how shiny and sparkly they were. 

Then I became a mom; like many others, my whole world shifted into a new realm of more realness and authenticity. No more BS were allowed. I had to find a way to help me raise my tiny human into a good human—no more LIES. 

I DID NOT regret any of it because it made me who I am today. It made me the person, wife, mom, daughter, friend, business person I am today, and that's f-ing amazing because it WAS NOT all suffering at all. On the contrary, it was inspiring, engaging, and exciting overall to have that chance to discover me and meet for the first time. 

It allowed me to become more connected to myself and my deep core values, find my purpose and expand by telling my truth to help more people become more conscious and raise/educate other good humans (aka their children, clients, friends, and more).



I have been playing with online marketing, especially social media, for the past 15 years, alongside launching and developing five businesses of mine. 


Results I have achieved

I have empowered and supported hundreds of entrepreneurs launch and monetize their businesses using online strategies and energy work to align their actions to their core values. 


Something else I have done

I invested in myself and education to always ensure that I provide my clients with top resources and strategies uniquely adjusted to their uniqueness, desires, and genius. 

Last but not least, I am spiritual AF, so I vibe and work closely with the Universe and energy that I don't always control but never fail to deliver. 

Creating Peppy Profit Place

It's been almost a year now that I created Peppy Profit Place, a Home for Heart-Centered Coaches where Passion Elevates Profit, Purpose, and You.

I felt like the Universe was giving me the opportunity to test what I learned from the past 14 years and transfer my knowledge + help more people to uncover their full potential and, in their turn, help more people. To me, it felt like I was passing the torch to accelerate the ripple effect.

It felt like I was participating in something bigger than myself, which was my clue to proceed.

I was given a chance to take something super unfriendly for most (online marketing & social media), baked it with a spark of mindset work to give birth to a coaching program/mastermind that has never been seen before. 

The energy, self-love, and spirituality came into the picture later in my coaching offering. 

As I evolve as a human being, so does my business. It took me time, but LIFE and BUSINESS are intertwined together forever.  The faster we realize it, the quicker the breakthroughs and shifts happen. That's why energy work and self-love are so essential. But, unfortunately, that's the missing point for many fellow entrepreneurs, and now it's time to fill the cup so that we can all do LESS and attract MORE for our BUSINESS + LIFE.

Creating My Own Reality

Working 20 hours per day cost me my health, sanity, and my presence. It's not that I did not enjoy it. I am passionate about what I do, but I am also highly passionate about other things, and I did not have anything fun to do at all. For the longest time, my life consisted of working, working, eating a tiny bit, working, even more, educating myself, and sleeping another little bit. Have I mentioned that I did that without even getting paid at all?


And definitely not reasonable when you have a baby who is living to spend all his time with YOU. I admit it now, I was not present for my baby, and he knew how to make me pay for it. He would be terrible every time I was with him (even when I was not with him), trying everything he could to make me realize what I was missing: F-ING LIFE!

Kids are wise and teach us so much when we stop running and pay attention to their messages. 

Then, my health fell apart, and I started getting panic attacks at night and severe rashes all over my body. My body was talking LOUD. Something needed to change. And as I was awakening at that and more keen to more peace, I listened for the first time ever. 


That's precisely when the magic happens. My son stopped being annoying and annoyed. My relationship with him and my husband expanded to the next level. My business started to flourish. Clients began to knock at my door daily.

I did & still do LESS and attract MORE.

My Purpose 


Now my purpose has grown WAY beyond just changing my own reality. I believe I was put here on this planet to make a difference and remind others of their infinite potential.

Today, Peppy Profit Place has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe (re)design, (re)align, and adjust their businesses to support their lifestyle and dreams and not the other way around. It's truly an honor to wake up every morning and be at your service. Sharing, engaging, and creating your reality and dream business in ways you never thought was possible.

Having a more significant impact and being part of something bigger than us creates a better world for our kids and the next generations. When we work together toward the same goal, we make significant shifts happen. We are not victims any more; instead, we thrive and help other souls do the same. We become more aware, and we stop doing, having and more being what no longer serves us. 

Now that you're here and you've gotten to know a bit more about me, I'm so excited to hear more about you. I can't wait to witness your incredible success story. If there's one thing I can leave you with before we get started, it's this:

Your Rise is UNDENIABLE. If you feel you're not there yet, please, trust you are closer than you think you are. There is more out there for you and what comes next for you is above the wildest dreams.

I commend you for your massive shift and rise.

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