Vision Mastery Exercise to Quantum Grow Your Business

fundamentals mindful tools Jun 29, 2022

Vision boards and statements have been underestimated for too long. So here is what we believe is true: when used the proper way, your vision, whether it's a board hung on your wall or a statement on a google document you can access from your phone, is a powerful tool. 

Very often, though, it is misused, and most people don't even read or mindfully look at their vision once they create it. BIG MISTAKE #1. 

A vision is a tool that is meant to be used. It is intended to help you remember why you do what you do. It enables you to stay in your flow and keep creating according to your temporary final destination. I said "temporary" because your vision is a living document. Therefore, your vision statement or board MUST evolve as you grow and become clearer about your desires. 

In a recent poll I published on Linkedin (click here to access), 40% of my like-minded community - one that knows about the power of having a vision - either don't have a vision or don't read it daily. 

You do you, but my mind wonders why you would make time to write your fantastic vision if it's to keep it in the drawer? 

In this video, we explain why we think visions are extraordinary tools and how you can pump yours to make it delicious to go back t whenever you can. 

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