Five Shifts to Make to Allow Your Divine Side To Fuel Your Business Growth

power of thoughts quantum business growth universal laws in action Jun 16, 2022

Most people are unconscious of their actions, and entrepreneurs and business owners are no exception. Most of us allow our past experiences (and future commitments) to define how we think and how we feel in the present moment. It makes us react to our environment instead of creating a new one that serves us and our purpose on a higher level. 

When you run a business based on your past failures and fearing future commitment, not only does it cause stress, but also creates the same exact thoughts and the same exact feelings. Your past starts to feed your present just as your future does. 

However, when you decide to take the leap of faith and surrender to the life force and let the divine side of you shines through the human side, you are no longer the prisoner of your past. 

Here is a graphic that explains my thinking: 


I started to be very interested in the energy shift between human and divine perceptions. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely trust that we need both to work in synergy to navigate our lives and businesses with effortless ease on this planet. I also trust that at the end of the day it comes downs to the deep understanding, study, practice, and application of universal laws which allows us to master our energy and create the environment that will serve our higher purpose.  

Below are my top five shifts that need to happen within you to experience your next quantum leap and start to attract your desired clients and results. 


Become Conscious 

I started to live my life as a victim too. I would ask myself often, “why me? Why not me? Why things and life are happening TO me?” I would let others choose for me - my family included. I would not say that the choices made were bad. I would just say that there were not necessarily mine. I was living a life on auto-pilot and making decisions fueled by my fears of disappointing others. The cycle was difficult to break. People pleasers would understand what I am saying. 

Then, I went through a phase when I made things happen. Life was happening for me, now. This phase was my very next level of consciousness. I understood that I did not need to stay still and accept things that I did not desire. I did not need to deal with situations that were not serving me. So, I became a human doing. I did things all the time. I was much in the doing that I completely forgot to breathe, and rapidly, I realized that even the expected results were not enough to nourish my being. 

That’s when I became aware of my personal gifts and of the power of my individual flow and unique essence. At that time, I understood that life was not happening to me, nor for me, but was happening through me. As an energy being, I realized that the energy of life was dancing all along with my own energy. 


Build a Clear Model of The Future 

My vision is my best friend. More than a friend, it’s THE tool that allows me to remember where I am going. Every morning and every time I doubt, I go back to my vision and feel the emotions. 

If you are not working with a vision yet, I highly encourage you to watch the LIVE, Patrice and I did on our FB group. Click here to join and we will tag you on the video. 

Before you keep reading, I want to insist that your vision must be alive. You must feel elevated emotions every time you dive into it.

When you build a clear model of your future, you become intentional. Clear intentions associated with elevated emotions activate the quantum field of possibilities and now your brain is able to clearly see the destination. 

It will not see the path, but that’s good news because if you knew what to expect, then nothing will be different from your past and you’ll end up with the same results over and over. 

Building a clear model of your future business means that you allow the energy field and the endless possibilities within you to activate themselves. That’s one important step for you to take to detach fully from the environment and finally take the steps you have never taken before. 

This is an easy shift, yet not a lot of people do it. Be the 1% and start with envisioning who you are. 


Detach from the Environment

Here we start again with our favorite letter from our S.H.I.F.T. You quiet the noise with the purpose to hear the guidance within you. 

When you stop to listen to the noise that your surroundings make and take the intentional step to hold whatever vision you have with love and purpose, you create an unbreakable energy field around you that closes time and space.

That’s when you realize that there is no separation between who you want to be and who you are already. 

This is probably the most difficult shift to make. I still have a hard time from time to time. However, every day, I come up with experiences that help me decrease the level of noise I am subject to with social media, emails, news, and so much more. My last intentional actions were to: 

  1. Delete my professional emails from my phone.
  2. Delete LinkedIn and Messenger from my phone.
  3. Hide the other social media platform so that it takes intention on my side to check them out. 

Your turn! What actions do you take right now to decrease the level of unwanted noise? 


Become Greater than the Environment 

To become greater than your environment means that you take the control back and start to create your own reality which can be achieved only when you detach yourself from what you have learned until now. 

Back to my point two.  


Embrace the Flow of Life Force

When you pay attention, you become intentional. Intentions are strong energy to power up your results. 

When you have intentions, whether they are elevated or not, you act upon them understanding what you do and why you do it. It’s giving fuel to the action, and automatically to the results engaged by taking the action. 

In other words, if you post on social media without paying attention and without understanding why you do what you do, you initiate a misalignment. That misalignment creates an energy field that will 



Navigating your Divine side and integrating it with ease into your day-to-day life is not an easy step. However, the benefit of allowing yourself to be both is a stepping stone to attracting a different set of results. 

Growing your business with ease means that you stop making things happen. It means that you stop forcing yourself and your offer on people not energetically aligned with you. It means you stop pushing through the noise to have your voice heard and your message seen. 

Instead, you step into your birthright's natural flow of possibilities. You start to embody your future self before they happen and allow things to flow easily. It means that you choose appreciation instead of lack.

Don't forget that you are in control of your thoughts and can always choose the emotional channel you tune into. Wouldn't it be easier if you knew how to manage your energy to stay coherent with your business goals and vision? 

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