How to Realign Your Marketing to Your Purpose

fundamentals mindful tools quantum business growth Sep 28, 2022

Marketing can be super fun

Marketing can be super fun when you stop listening to what everybody tells you to do and lean into your intuition. To be effective and attract the right type of people to your offer, your marketing efforts must match your dream clients' vibration. Otherwise, you'll keep attracting unaligned and uncoherent people to your offer.

Authentic Marketing vs. Manipulative Marketing

Can marketing really be authentic? I know what you think, "by definition, marketing is manipulation. You market an offer to convince people to buy it. How can this be authentic? You got an agenda in any case."

Well, I answer yes and no. Your "agenda" can be purely based on love and your desire to serve certain people and decrease their pain. Or your "agenda" can be manipulative if you value what you do and sell it just to sell it. Which one is it going to be? 

When you convince that what you do and offer is essential for people to better themselves and their lives, you start communicating about your product's or service's true value. You are being authentic when you communicate with faith and conviction. 

Marketing is energy.

Mastering your marketing effort means that you master the energy of your audience to the point where your marketing vibrates at the same level as they are. They receive your message with ease, and the transaction is made with effortless ease. 

That's the goal. 

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