Three Easy Ways to Implement Nourishing Breaks During Summer Work Days

fundamentals natural cycles lab Jun 23, 2022

As a corporate trainer, breaks were NEVER an issue for me. From the early days of making 'smoke break' excuses to sneaking out for a quick smooch from my love early in our romance,  breaks were not something I skimped on, put off, or mismanaged. 

Can you relate?

I welcomed and invited those brief moments where I could escape the confines of the store and its four walls. We have all pulled long hours at the office, allowing one task to bleed into the next? A break isn't something you put off in a corporate setting. 

However- since the beginning of my virtually based career and the option of moving my office to our comfy overstuffed couch (a Covid upgrade),  breaks have been less than a priority. Like many of us, I allowed the word BREAK to mean breakdown, lacking, or overwhelm. Ignoring the need to rest and reset until my mind and body revolted with illness, headache, and debilitating fatigue. 

Are we together now? 

So many of us are stuck in a cycle of overly caffeinated exhaustion. Our minds and bodies are driven by will and sugar-induced highs.

Something has to change, right? 

How are you serving to your fullest potential, supporting at your highest level, and creating your embodied energy if you are fighting to keep your eyes open by 3 in the afternoon? 

Simply- You can not. 

With that in mind, we created three easily integrated SHI(F)Ts to implement within the natural cycle of your mind and body starting today.


1. Make Yourself a Priority

My suggestion will always be to start the day with self-love. 

Being intentional about how your day begins sets the flow into your tasks. It can include journaling, your favorite body movement, meditation, or a quiet cup of coffee while sitting with your gratitude for the day. I encourage you to use this time to quiet any negative thoughts and feelings around the day and allow your intentions to come through and take precedence. 

I was guilty of allowing the pull of my phone notifications or email to begin my day. However, this pulls your mind into tasking well before needed. There are days when your time is limited. I encourage you to envision the perfect start to your day. Allow only the most critical elements of this vision to be what you practice on the days when your time is limited. 


Example of Juicy Morning Rituals Powered by Self-Love (60-90 mins)

  1. Soft Early Rise ~ Choose beautiful sounds to wake you up.
  2. In-Bed Day Setting (5 mins) ~ Choose your emotional channel for the day. Don't get up until you LOVE life.
  3. Bed Love (3 mins) ~ Make your bed for the night.
  4. Silent Meditation (10-15 mins) - Visualize your desires.
  5. Light Stretching (5 mins)
  6. Intentional workout (20-30 mins) - Pay attention to your body motions and muscle contraction.
  7. Reflection (15 mins) - Journal and set intentions.
  8. Sunrise Love (10 mins) - Pause and watch the sun rising.


Example of Short Morning Rituals Powered by Self-Love (30 mins) 

  1. Soft Early Rise ~ Choose beautiful sounds to wake you up.
  2. In-Bed Day Setting (5 mins) ~ Choose your emotional channel for the day. Don't get up until you LOVE life.
  3. Bed Love (3 mins) ~ Make your bed for the night.
  4. Intentional workout (10-15 mins) - Pay attention to your body motions and muscle contraction.
  5. Intention Setting (5 mins) - Set intentions.

Don't hesitate to add even more love. I know that Charlotte, my partner is journaling and meditating in the Sauna. Choose activities you LOVE because your morning routine's goal is to increase your vibration and plug you onto the high frequency you need to attract/manifest your desires. 


2. Don't Skip Lunch 

Often overlooked is the power of refueling and recharging; so many of us have been balancing work, education, and family life all from our homes. It has become increasingly difficult to separate the flow of one into another. Implementing a dedicated lunch hour daily allows you the opportunity to recharge and forces you to step away from your desk. 

I encourage you to incorporate reading, a short walk, or anything that enables you to disconnect from additional screen time. While it is tempting to give a few tries to the unbeatable round of Candy Crush or scroll your Facebook feed, that will only add to the mental exhaustion we are trying to eliminate. 


3. Schedule your tasks based on the natural cycle of your day. 

We all have a natural cycle and rhythm to our day, week, and even year. I encourage you to be present to that natural ebb and flow to schedule WITH your natural rhythm and not AGAINST your natural flow. When you group like-minded tasks, you allow your brain to task more efficiently rather than jumping from one thinking strategy to another. This strategy safeguards your thinking energy and allows more creative thought. 



Stepping into the power of breaks means higher energy productivity, increased mental health, and restored focus and attention. 

When we shed the blocks we place on the word BREAK and dig into the unlimited benefits of honoring our minds and bodies, we truly step into the women of our vision. We are stepping into the leaders we are destined to be. Implementing these three breaks into your day will ease the exhaustion, so many of us feel powerless to end. 

Your body calling for a break or downtime does not signal a breakdown of your resilience, strength, or worth. Instead, it is simply a calling to be more aware of our daily lives' rigors and respect our natural cycles. 

Once you can honor and step into our unique flow, you will find more ease and inspiration throughout your day. We are excited to see what you create.

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