Honoring Your Needs, Wants, and Desires

fundamentals Aug 31, 2022

Are you a YES person? 

There is nothing wrong with being a YES person if the things and commitment you say YES to are things that you want to commit to. Otherwise, it may be time to review your standards and ensure your needs are met simultaneously. 

It is essential because frustration and anger are low-frequency feelings that refrain you from living your life fully in your own term. It's depriving you of showing up at your best version. It's robbing people of getting the most of your genius. 

It's no good for no one involved. 

The SWAG bag story.

In this video, I talk about the swag bag, and we want the swag bag even though we don't know what's inside or if we need, want, or desire what's in there. 

Our fear of missing out makes us act upon our needs, wants, and desires. 

I was that person who looked at the SWAG bag with lurking eyes. I was that girl so focused on getting it that I would show up half-present. But unfortunately, the swag bag stole the best part out of me to uncovering items that would clutter my space and ultimately finish in the trash. 

Consider this: next time you are asked for your energy, become present with your choice and tell the person who asks that you'll think about it. It'll give you time to breathe in and out the information and make a decision that has been thought through.

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