Controlling vs. Allowing Your Flow

fundamentals mindful tools Aug 17, 2022

I am a control freak. 

I lived for the past seven years controlling everything I was doing, starting with the food I was eating, followed by the number of hours spent at the gym, behind my laptop, meditating, and so much more. Any activity would eventually become a burden where I expected results. I thought it was self-discipline. Then, after long years, seven to be precise, of self-therapy, I realized that it was not self-discipline but instead over-control. 

Too often, we mistake control for discipline, but control is much more sneaky. Control means that you plug into your past and push the buttons to activate a specific set of results. By doing so, you close the door to the unknown and to what would eventually change the results you aim for. You think that controlling is the only to get what you want, but you don't know what you don't know, and if you keep doing the same thing, not allowing the flow of life to surprise you, nothing will ever change. 

You need the unknown.

If you want to create a reality slightly different than the one you are plugged into right now, you need the unexpected. If you know the answer already, you won't ask and won't open up to new possibilities and, ultimately, new results. 

Allowing life to happen is the best and easiest way for you to step into miracles with effortless ease. As you lower the pressure of the expected results, you allow new things to join your equation. Of course, new things will always create new results. But how much are you willing to allow the unknown to live within you?

 Try this: next time you catch yourself controlling the uncontrollable, catch yourself. Hold the thought for a second, and DECIDE consciously to release it. Do it with your breath as well. 

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