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Transform your coaching business today by honoring your uniqueness & magic and focusing on what feels good and aligned to you ~ not to the hundreds of other coaches you see out there. When you realize that your unique gifts and approach can't be treated as everybody else's, you start to play a bigger game & change your results while making a bigger impact.

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Let's Get Straight to the Point.


Most of everything you’ve ever been taught about growing a successful coaching business online is WRONG!

It’s ineffective. It’s counterproductive. And quite simply, it’s just NOT working.


It’s leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disappointed with very little to show for all the hours and hours you’ve spent building your business and showing daily for it.

How do I know this? 

First of all...I used to be that person wasting my time. In recent years, Google searches like “how to build a successful coaching business” or “how to use social media to sign more clients” have dramatically increased. And though more people than EVER are operating their dream business and living their best life today thanks to the readily available information out there, there are also more coaches out there who aren’t. 

And the reason for this is because the easily searchable and readily available teachings out there don’t take into consideration the profound need for coaches to receive valuable feedback on their work, be shown easy & understandable step-by-step strategies that work, be held accountable and supported no matter what happened in their life.

You see, most courses, books, and gurus out there will tell you to just “create content everywhere, stay consistent, show up daily, do social media, post daily, have a group, have a business page, do stories, get involved in other people's groups, ask questions, blog, send emails, do it organically, pay for ads, etc." to be able to achieve your goals - like more money, more clients, more leads, more time with your family. 

And that’s not the fault of those who teach the old paradigm of building a successful business. 

I used to be that coach too!

Is your soul screaming for a more intuitive way to grow your coaching business?

A new way that does not involve:

  1. Neglecting your most valuable relationships
  2. Neglecting your health and burning out
  3. Being everywhere all the freaking time ~ and not breathing anymore
  4. Doing everything yourself ~ and doing it wrong
  5. Being on social media media all the time ~ and not connecting with your soul clients (hating it)
  6. Creating content that no one reads
  7. Feeling frustrated because no one sees you or hear your message
  8. Feeling defeated to live the same old "zero-new-client" months over and over

If you trust that there is another way, then there is. I can show you how you can advance yourself and your business effortlessly honoring your gifts and focusing on what feels good only. 

A few things need to happen on your side before I can help you transition from where you are today to your next-level self and (re)create, (re)launch and sell your magnetic offer to the right people. 

  1.  Mindset shift: you must trust that there is an energy field around you that co-create with you and have complete faith that what is meant for you is yours already. We don't chase anything. We attract.
  2. Alignment shift: you must embody the fact that it's not the number of actions you take that will transform your results, but the efficiency, intention and alignment of each separate one.
  3. Learning shift: you must be willing to unlearn a few things about marketing and social media and be willing to start working on the right things instead.
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The Peppy Profit Academy Key Topics

The Peppy Profit Academy is a self-paced hybrid program that uses Universal Laws to help you (re)align your mindset, offer, and marketing strategies to your purpose and true self so that you start attracting 10X more soul-clients and grow your business to 6-figure and beyond effortlessly. Inside I teach and coach you to tap into your intuition and use only simple, feel-good, and fun online strategies that you understand, cherish and love. 

Radical Self-Awareness & Self-Discovery

Uncover your true self and what makes life vibrant to you. Then, re-align your thoughts to your true self so that you start taking the inspired actions that'll change your results. 

Simple, Clear & Flexible Offer Structures

Create your very unique magical business blueprint using simple, clear, and highly flexible structures to enhance your message & build your credibility.

Effortless & Sustainable Logistics & Systems

Say yes to a business that works for you and supports your desires. Make more intentional and sustainable business choices that allow you to do less and attract more. 

Easy, Aligned & Intentional Online Strategies

Goodbye complicated funnels and other sales schemes that do not feel good. Focus on what bring you joy and change in your results.

Supportive Community & Communication

Build a community of ravings fans aligned with and value your message and irresistible offer, along with sharing the same vibes as you.

Gratitude, Self-Love & Inner Guidance

Say yes to yourself and re-align your body, mind, and spirit to always take inspired actions that support your life in all areas.

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Hear What Clients Are Saying About the Peppy Profit Academy

"Two new clients in less than a week. Charlotte gave me the guidance to show up for myself & clients at a higher level of service."

Raquel Muller
CEO of Redefining "Supermom"

"Six new clients in only one month working with Charlotte. And I still have a few more sales calls scheduled!"

Hallie Avolio
Manifestation & Self-Love Coach

"Charlotte is amazing. She is an absolute diamond. I am so grateful for her, her teaching, and amazing coaching."

Sharon Galway
Mental Health & Trauma Coach

"Charlotte's coaching is incredibly professional, top-notch. From the day I started, I felt inspired, clear, and motivated to transform my ideas into a profitable coaching business." 

Lisa Slater
Breakthrough Coach

"Charlotte's coaching is amazing. Seriously so good. Charlotte made me see that what I have to offer is incredibly valuable and needed and that I am the perfect person to help my clients." 

Sarah Gallagher
Grief Coach

"Charlotte's coaching is life-changing. Not only is my confidence enhanced, but my program is becoming well known among my community. It was just a dream; now it's a reality!" 

Samantha Flores
Postpartum Coach

Inside The Academy

What to expect when you join the Peppy Profit Academy and how to make the most of it and our time together. Please remember that the fulfillment of your dream business is a co-creation contract that you make with Universal Laws (the Universe, the Source, God, whatever your call it). On one side of the contract there is YOU who is taking the efficient actions that will activate Life Force to deliver the results. In other words, your job is to take the actions and NOT worried about the outcome. 


Business Growth

  • Lifetime Access to the Online Course 
  • 20+ Explicit Video Trainings

Guidance & Accountability

  • 20+ Transformation Workbooks
  • Plug & Play Templates Made for You

Super & Mindset Growth

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions (Available for European and US timezones)


10 Days to 10K Intuitive Workshop ($197)

My Intuitive Sales Script + Training ($297)

When you choose the one-time payment, you get:

20% OFF ($500)

"Manifest Your Purpose" Crash Course ($1,111)

One 60-min kick-off session with Charlotte ($297)

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Who Is Charlotte &
How Can She Help You?


Charlotte is an intuitive business growth strategist, mindset coach & online marketing demystifier. She is on a mission to free coaches from online marketing frustration & social media stress and help them to figure out their unique magnetic & magnificent blueprint that attracts effortlessly the people who need them the most.  

"Charlotte gave me the confidence that I can do whatever I want. She made me believe in myself which has been key when I started to get out there and enroll my new clients." ~ Kristen Sekinger

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