10 Days to 10K Intuitive Workshop

Do you wanna learn how to grow your business intuitively, tapping into the Universal Laws in only 10 short days? 

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Do tell me. 
Does this sound like you?


Feeling stuck in inaction because you feel like you’ve already tried everything and don’t know where to go next?

Want to take your coaching business from “meh, it’s okay” to “holy moly, this is amazing?”

Need someone to make things simple? To show you the way? To prove to you that, YES, you can do it too?

Sick of re-living the same boring month or year over and over again?


Feeling burnt out from working hard and chasing your clients with little to show for it?

Feeling frustrated by the lack of results showing up in your business?

Tired of looking for the secret hidden strategies that all successful coaches supposedly know that, for some reason, you don’t?

Feeling stuck in inaction because you feel like you’ve already tried everything and don’t know where to go next?

If you answered yes to even one of the questions above, The 10 Days to 10K Intuitive Workshop was created for you.

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What You'll Get Out Of This Workshop

10 Days to Re-Align Your Business & Mindset To Who YOU Are, Tapping Into Your Intuition & Only Taking Inspired & Aligned Online Actions That Feel Good To YOU & Lead You To Your First or Next $10K.

Learn This Thing:

Tap into your intuition and lean back to attract more to your Business + Life by only focusing on actions that feel good and aligned.

Walk Away With This: 

Intuitive tools and practices you can return to time and time again at any different points in your Life & Business. 

Get This Much:

Win one fully paid 90-min booster coaching session to re-align your business & mindset and create your unique blueprint strategy to stop being invisible.

"I just finished the exercises for Day 3 in your Intuitive Workshop and it was such a powerful experience. Grouping my key core values into categories was really helpful (Spiritual, Relationships, Joy, Professional, and Personal) and then I went a step further and identified the top 3 values in each category. I'm printing the table and pinning it on my board."

Life Coach

10 Days to 10K Intuitive Workshop

Learn a new way to advance your business to new heights by taking efficient and intentional actions that make sense and are aligned with you and rooted with your core values. No more icky social media strategies. Instead, start attracting what's meant for you.  

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